Back to College: “School Supplies”

Back to College: School Supplies | Emily Layne Designs Blog

Can you believe the summer is winding down? With that, students are going back to school. If you’re going off to college this year, here’s a list of some school supplies you’ll need for your first semester! These I consider as most important! Let’s start the list, shall we?

1. Laptop

This computer will become YOUR LIFE at college, trust me! You’ll type papers, watch lectures, watch Netflix, Skype with friends back home, shop and so much more on this device. That being said, it’s important to maybe splurge a little and make sure you get a great computer. Personally, I got a Macbook Pro when I started college. It was expensive but it still works and I still put it to good use 5 years later. It’s a bit slow but is still in great condition! No matter what computer you get, I highly recommend that you get more RAM. This will increase the speed of your computer especially when you’re running several applications at one time. I recently purchased an iMac with 32GB and it’s lightening fast. If you do ONE THING, go for the RAM.

2. Backpack

Next on the list as another essential is a backpack. I know a lot of people might use a tote bag but I really think a backpack is the way to go. Get one with a laptop sleeve, plenty of padding, some smaller pockets for extra pencils and you’re good to go! I also highly recommend getting a rain cover also. Even if your backpack is “water-resistant” it’s probably not “waterproof” and there’s nothing worse than getting to class and all your books are soaking wet. Another thing, throw a good umbrella in your backpack too!

3. Planner

You guys know I had to include a planner in this list! There are so many great planner options out there, find one that suits your needs and showcases your style! I really enjoyed the Plum Paper Student Planner while in graduate school but if I could do it all over I would get the Family Planner version. It still splits up the days into a grid but doesn’t have the huge class subject boxes that take up so much room! 

4. Post Its

In college, I used post its everywhere: in my planner, in my textbooks, around the dorm leaving little notes for my roommate, literally everywhere. Make sure you have plenty of fun colors!

5. Highlighters

Another college staple, you will use so many highlighters when studying, reviewing papers and marking things in your planner. Again, have lots of fun colors!

6. Headphones

I cannot express how important a good pair of headphones are while in college. You’ll use them when your roommate is loud, you’re in the library and need music, walking to class and so much more. Go ahead and invest in a nice pair and take care of them. If you do, they’ll probably last you all four years. I highly recommend the Razer Kraken headphones. Yes, I know they’re technically gaming headphones they have a lot of different colors, they’re comfortable and they sound awesome! Plus they’re not crazy expensive!

7. Flash Drive

Four words: BACK UP YOUR FILES! Whether you back your files up on an external hard drive/flash drive or virtually through Dropbox or Google Drive, make sure you do so! It’s not fun pulling an all nighter rewriting a paper because it got deleted and it’s due the next day. Not fun at all.

8. Lap Desk

There will be so many times you’ll want to do homework in bed and not at your desk. Also, your laptop will tend to get hot on your lap so buying a lap desk is a good idea. Not only will you use this item for homework, you can eat on it too! Just consider it an extra little table in your dorm!

9. Printer

A lot of schools offer printing on campus for a small fee or even free but let’s be honest, it’s a hassle to travel all the way to the library, swipe your student card, then the printer doesn’t work or only prints half…you get the idea. It’s very convenient to have a printer right in your room. It doesn’t have to be fancy a small black-ink printer will do nicely!

10. Stamps

A small little thing that people often forget. Sure the post office on campus sales them but how many times do you have cash on you? Just pick up a book and keep them with your important documents in your room. They’ll come in handy!

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