September Favorites | 2015

September was a great month! I moved into a new apartment, started a new job and turned 23! Even though September was great, I’m definitely ready for October! With October comes fall festivals, boots, hot chocolate and most importantly, Halloween! Here’s some of my favorite things from this past month:

1. How to Get Away with Murder

I began watching this show on a whim when it popped up on my Netflix feed. I decided to watch the first episode and four episodes later, I was hooked. I just finished the first season and have started on the second! The second season just premiered last week so now’s a perfect time catch up! The whole plot is full of twists and turns and fits perfectly with this spooky and creepy time of year!

2. My new haircut

I’ve been wanting to cut my hair for probably over a year but just never got around to it. I’ve had my hair long for pretty much my entire life and even though my hair’s not “short” now, it’s definitely shorter than I’ve ever had it before! I love it though! It’s still long enough to throw up in a little ponytail, it looks great straight or with loose curls. I’m so glad I decided to bite the bullet and cut it off!

September Favorites | 2015 | Emily Layne Designs Blog
September Favorites | 2015 | Emily Layne Designs Blog

3. Apple and Fruit Dip

I recently saw on Pinterest a super simple “recipe” for fruit dip. I don’t even really call it a recipe because it’s only two ingredients. Take one whole container of Cool Whip (I use fat free) and 1 cup or 8 ounces of you favorite flavor of yogurt. I just use good ol’ strawberry. Mix it up and you’re done! I’ve been packing this in my lunch for work and eating it as a sweet treat in the evening. Super easy, inexpensive and delicious!

4. Ross

With my new job came some new clothes. I bought a few dresses recently and they’re great! If you’re looking for a new dress, look no further than Ross. Their prices are awesome and they even carry some really expensive brands like Calvin Klein. I bought two shift dresses for only $26.00!

September Favorites | 2015 | Emily Layne Designs Blog

September Favorites | 2015 | Emily Layne Designs Blog

I can’t wait to see what October brings; I have a feeling it’s going to be a really great month! What have you been enjoying in September?

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